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Macomb Landscaping Services started as a thought of why isn’t there one company that does it all, lawn care, landscaping, gutter cleaning, irrigation, etc. Slowly that idea turned into work and 5 years later we are proud to call this a business.

We pride ourselves with great customer service, quality work, clear communication, and most of all affordable prices. Lets face it, homes are the biggest investment to us and keeping them beautiful is important. We want to increase the curb appeal of your home or business not just clean it up. Call or text today for a free estimate.

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We offer almost everything when it comes to landscaping. Mulching, tree trimming, rocks, hardscape, sod replacement, lawn mowing, and more. Estimates are always free and work is always done prior to being paid in full.

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Lawn Care

We offer Weekly mowing, BiWeekly, and a commercial monthly services. With weekly lawn mowing we offer biweekly edging, trimming, a thorough blow out, and of course clean lawn mowing. We also offer biweekly service which would include edging per service, trimming, blowing and mowing. Our commercial monthly service would include trimming, mowing, and blowing. All lawns will have clippings mulched to 1 inch or less. Bagging services are available upon request.

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Lawn Care

Our lawncare service offers three options for your convenience. The Weekly Mowing service is our most popular and recommended choice, providing weekly mowing along with biweekly edging, trimming, and a thorough blowout, ensuring a clean and well-maintained lawn. The Biweekly Service includes edging, trimming, blowing, and mowing every other week, although the grass may grow more between services, resulting in increased clippings and machine wear. Our Commercial Monthly Service is designed for commercial clients and includes regular trimming, mowing, and blowing. We mulch the clippings to 1 inch or less, but bagging services are available upon request.

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We offer almost everything when it comes to landscaping. Mulching is the most popular option, however we will do tree trimming, rocks, hardscape, sod replacement, and more. We are fully insured and have great testimonials from prior customers. Estimates are always free and work is always done prior to being paid in full.

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We do sprinklers too! Most companies stay away from sprinklers but we do not shy away from any work. We have done 15 zone repairs, backflow tests, control box repairs, start ups, and most importantly shut downs! In Michigan, a start up is good to clear out any debris and make sure the system is working properly, however a shut down is even more crucial due to the freezing temps we get in this state. If a system was shut down by us and has any freeze damage, we will warranty it for you!

Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning

Another way to protect your home is to clean the gutters. This should be done twice a year. This can help with the longevity of the roof, the gutters themselves, and the cleanliness of the exterior.



We offer seasonal contracts, we will take care of the weeds growing in your mulch beds, pavement cracks, unused flowerbeds, and anywhere else they may grow. Weeds are ugly to look at and we love to get rid of them. We will pull them and spray them once a month for the duration of the season.

Snow cleaning and removal

Snow Removal

We offer seasonal and per push rates for commercial and residential clients! We pride ourselves on clearing snow for commercial clients before business hours, and making sure that all surfaces are cleared and deiced. We offer a premium contract, economic contracts, and separate services. Premium service gets route prioritization, deicing services, and other benefits. Economic contracts get snow pushing and deicing services. We do offer an early signup bonus discount if you sign up by August.

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